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Moving Out of Your Mom’s Basement: How to Live Independently (Ep. 206)

Get your wings ready. It’s time to leave the nest.

Well, maybe you’ve already left the nest, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t several more chances for a new living situation to completely throw off your groove.

The most recent for me was moving to Denver, which ended up being the first time I wasn’t living with a handful of friends after college. It was also the first time I lived alone with my girlfriend.

Normally, those two things alone are already a big enough challenge. But for me, the biggest inconvenience of moving to Denver was rather unexpected: I didn’t own anything I needed.

Vacuum cleaner, tea kettle, fruit bowl, coffee table, rug, humidifier, silverware, lamps, bandages, glasses, mop — anything. It was a little intimidating to realize just how much stuff seems necessary when setting up a new home, and how much it all ends up costing as your eyes bulge in shock at the Target registers. Still, this was only the tip of the iceberg.

So, we’ve decided to spend this week’s episode talking about what it takes to move out of the comforts of a parent’s home or a pre-furnished dorm room.

Just remember: you can call mom or dad with small questions, but they probably can’t fix your flooded living room floor. Have fun waiting for that to be fixed.

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Things mentioned in this episode:

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  • 0:03:29 – Becoming independent from your parents
  • 0:07:06 – Handling all the costs that come with independence
  • 0:14:27 – Choosing to live in a dorm during college
  • 0:18:15 – Prioritizing what you need to buy
  • 0:22:44 – Dealing with house maintenance
  • 0:28:31 – Learning how to live with someone else
  • 0:50:51 – Setting things up in your apartment
  • 0:53:31 – Being aware of things that need to be done
  • 1:00:02 – Developing your comfort zone
  • 1:03:37 – Conclusion

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Moving Out of Your Mom's Basement: How to Live Independently