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Hi there! I’m Thomas Frank, the founder of College Info Geek.

I started this site when I was in college, but despite the name, it’s meant as a resource for all students. If you’re looking for ways to study more effectively, be more competitive in your career field, or become more productive in general, you’re in the right place.

Among other things, you’ll learn how to:

  • Hack your studying. Learn more in less time, study and work more efficiently, and teach yourself the things you can’t learn in class.
  • Get the jobs you want. Build a great personal brand, promote yourself effectively, and forge useful relationships.
  • Build a solid financial base. Pay off your student debt, learn how to manage your money well, and start saving for the future.

Want to know where you should start?

10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades - Thomas FrankWell, here’s something I think you’ll enjoy. I wrote a free book called 10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades (While Studying Less)which compiles the years of practice and research I’ve done in order to answer many of the questions students have about studying and learning.

The book covers topics including:

  • Defeating procrastination
  • Building an excellent time/task management system
  • Taking better notes
  • Reading textbooks efficiently

…and more. I released it in January of 2015 and it’s been downloaded by over 300,000 students so far. I hope you find it useful!

To get a copy, enter your email below and sign up for the College Info Geek newsletter:

In addition to sending you the book (and a couple of other bonuses, like my personal graduation planning spreadsheet), I’ll keep you updated on each week’s new videos, podcast episodes, and blog posts.

I block spammers harder than Terry Crews wearing Odor Blocker Body Wash, so don’t worry about getting any of that from me.

Check Out the YouTube Channel

You’ll find a ton of articles and podcast episodes on this site – but my real passion right now is creating videos.

I’ve found that there aren’t many channels on YouTube that provide useful advice on studying, building strong habits, and building a remarkable college experience – so I’m building one. As a lover of video games and geek culture, I also strive to make them entertaining and full of references that keep things fresh.

Here’s one of the more popular videos:

If you’d like to see all my videos, check out the YouTube channel!

The Best Posts!

Right now, there are 756 posts in the archives. That’s a lot to go through, so I’ve created a few lists of posts that you should start with if you’re new. Let’s go!

The Cornerstones

These are my two “general college tips” list posts, and out of everything here, they are the most jam-packed with college hacking knowledge.

Building the Willpower to Improve Yourself

Some of the most common questions I get deal with how to gain the willpower to put all this stuff into action. Those questions are incredibly important because:

“The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.” – Herbert Spencer

Without the willpower to take action, nothing else here can truly help you. How do you actually get motivated? If that’s your struggle, watch this short video:

…and then read these.

Study and Work More Effectively

Read these if you’re looking to study better in less time, increase your productivity, and hack the way you work.

Check out more of the best posts in this category at the Studying/Productivity Hub.

Promoting Yourself and Landing an Awesome Job

If you want to know how to promote yourself, build professional relationships, and get the jobs you want, read these guides.

Check out more of the best posts in this category at the Career Hub.

Student Loan Obliteration and Financial Freedom

College is at least partly about building a stable financial future for yourself. Read these articles to learn how to pay off your debt and build wealth.

Check out more of the best posts in this category at the Personal Finance Hub.

The Podcast

Sometimes I gotta get on the mic, speak the truth, and leave my name. If you need some great audio content for your next jog or roadtrip, check these out.

If you enjoy these picks, you can also see a complete listing of all episodes at the Podcast page.

This should be a good start to your journey through College Info Geek. If you have an questions or just want to talk, hit me up on Twitter:

Want to know more about me and the story behind College Info Geek? Check out the About page.