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About College Info Geek

We both know that college isn’t the Hogwarts Express – you’re not hurtling down a set track with specific destination (magical castle or not).

But it is a concentrated dose of resources and opportunities that becomes what you make of it.

You probably have some goals related to your college experience:

  • You want to learn something and become an expert. 
  • You’d like to graduate and find a kick-ass job where you’ll actually make a difference.
  • You probably want to make a good living.
  • You’d also probably like to graduate without a ton of debt.

Welcome to College Info Geek. Let’s make all that stuff happen. Sound good? Cool. Check out this video.

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Hey, You. Let’s Be Awesome At College.

Thomas FrankYou know that just going to class, getting good grades, and graduating with a degree isn’t good enough anymore. You know that being successful in college takes a bit more work.

You’ve got the drive and the ambition. So where do you go from here?

Welcome to College Info Geek. This blog is dedicated to helping you build a remarkable college career, which in turn will lead into an amazing life.

This is not your typical college blog. You won’t find articles with 10 Tips to Win at Beer Pong or 6 Ways to Hack Your Laundry. 

That bite-size, regular, boring content has already been written hundreds of times on other blogs. I’m not interested in it.

This blog is all about winning at college.

Here at College Info Geek, you’ll find in-depth, insanely useful articles covering the things you truly need to know in order to be a successful student.

These are the three main focuses here at College Info Geek:

Hack your learning and get smarter.

Typical study strategies and advice don’t work as well as they should, and you can do better.

Here you’ll learn study hacks and tactics that you can use to cut down your study time drastically, increase recall, and literally change your brain.

If you’ve never heard of the Pareto Principle, spaced repetition, or the Pomodoro Technique, get ready to learn some mind-blowing tactics.

You’ll also find articles that go in-depth on how to actually change your thinking for the better, which can improve your ability to make decisions, learn things outside of class, and more.

Promote yourself and get every job you want.

Most students don’t know what they want to do – and those that do often don’t know how to communicate their skills to recruiters and find the jobs that matter to them.

You’ll learn to fix both of these issues by building a personal brand. Don’t know what that is? No worries – you’ll learn enough here to become an on-campus expert in your own right.

Building a personal brand means finding your “sweet spot” – the intersection of your skills, your passions, and what you can do to help others. It also means effectively communicating that sweet spot to other people – recruiters, connections, etc.  By doing this, you open yourself up to a lot more opportunities.

You’ll learn all the nuts and bolts of building your brand right here – finding your sweet spot, establishing an effective online presence, how to network and build connections the fun way, and more.

Pay off your debt and keep more dolla bills in the bank.

I know a guy who has to pay almost $350 per month for the next 10 years on his student loan debt. That’s more than my rent! (Iowa is cheap)

This isn’t atypical, either. The average student debt load is now around $27,000. Most students with this kind of debt believe they’ll make more than enough after graduation to pay it off easily, but the sad truth is that many won’t. 

Many students will spend decades after college putting their dreams on hold and living at a much lower level than they expected, all because they have to pay off their debt.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Here’s a hopefully more cheerful statistic for you: I paid off $14,431.72 of student loans in just six months – before graduating. I’m now completely debt-free, and now that I’ve graduated, I have complete freedom to do whatever I want.

That $350/month I’d have to pay on loans now gets auto-invested in a mutual fund every single month.

I’m not a freak of nature – this is something you can do too. You’ll learn strategies for increasing your income, decreasing your expenses, and paying off debt effectively. If you don’t have student debt, you’ll learn how to stay out of it while still getting a fantastic education and keeping your job prospects high.


Aside from these three focuses, you’ll also learn about other topics related to living a remarkable life and, well… winning. Some topics include travelling the world, hacking fitness in college, and building kick-ass DIY projects.

What People Are Saying About College Info Geek…

“Everyone, check out what Thomas is doing over at College Info Geek. He’s doing a great job with the site.” – Corbett Barr,

“I just have to say that of all the people I’ve met in my life, Thomas Frank is one of the most impressive. When I was his age (don’t take that one way or another) I felt his ambition and drive and passion. He is brilliant, worldly, and a master at his craft.” – Dallas J. Moore, Social Republick

“Because of College Info Geek, I decided to get my act together and change my life story on this whole web designing and blogging thing.” – Lauryn Ashley, Junior, University of Iowa

“Man, I wish I would have known about College Info Geek years ago.” – Mike Sexton, 2012 ISU Grad

“College Info Geek rocks – it’s super informative, useful, and inspiring in a relatable rather than sappy kind of way” – Kalina Silverman, Sophomore, Northwestern University

“As a long-time reader of College Info Geek, I have come back again and again for the incredible professional advice. You could say there are a lot of places on the Internet that provide “professional advice,” but the way it is delivered here at CIG is what makes it so unique and easy to use and understand.” – Aaron Couch, 2012 UNL Grad

“Tom knows how to think outside of the box; he gets it. He understands what needs to be understood about succeeding.” – Robbie Williford, Senior, Oakland University

“Good job honey” – My mom

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Just Who The Heck Are You, Dude?

Thomas in Japan 2My name is Thomas Frank. I’m the founder of College Info Geek, a 2013 graduate of Iowa State University, and a decided Ravenclaw.

In my opinion, I’ve had a pretty awesome time in college. My passion is helping other students do the same thing (and I hope at least some of you go on to blow me out of the water!).

I started College Info Geek in the summer of 2010 while working as an orientation assistant at my school. Since then, it’s gone on to become one of the most-visited college blogs on the interwebs, being visited by over 135,000 people every month.

My own college experience outside of running this blog has been amazing. I met an amazing group of friends, travelled to Japan on a whim, worked as an RA, paid off almost $15,000 in student debt while still being a student, and did lots of other things.

As the title of the site implies, I’m a massive geek, and IMHO, a hoopy frood who knows where his towel is. I love comics, anime, video games, and books with a passion. I’m also addicted to travelling.

Click here to read more about me, you know, if you want, and stuff. You can also connect with me on Twitter with this shiny button:

I hope you find this site helpful to you! Feel free to reach out at any time.