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10 Things We’d Tell Our 18-Year-Old Selves (Ep. 213)

Another year older, another year wiser.

In this case, however, we’re about nine years older, so the wisdom should basically be overflowing at this point.

We’ve decided to do a little reflection this week and talk about some things that would have been great to know a little earlier on. Five lessons each, and everything’s on the table: relationships, productivity, happiness, and health.

Hopefully you’ll be able to benefit from a few of these lessons, and maybe take the time to think of some lessons for your own past selves. I found it to be a great exercise for finding out how much you’ve learned and changed.

18-year-old me was cool and all, but I feel like a completely different person now. And that’s a good thing.

With any luck, I’ll be saying the same thing about 27-year-old me someday.

Things mentioned in this episode:

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  • 0:06:27 – Be less cynical and more open with your feelings
  • 0:13:31 – Be more empathetic when someone is hurt
  • 0:19:16 – Don’t neglect your posture and overall health
  • 0:29:24 – Don’t do something just so you can put it in your resume
  • 0:31:55 – Don’t keep trying to date a friend and learn how to lose
  • 0:38:18 – Eat a healthier diet
  • 0:46:35 – Don’t over-systemize your life
  • 0:48:56 – More free time doesn’t equal more productivity
  • 0:52:48 – Get out of your comfort zone
  • 0:54:27 – Don’t ask for help until you work on the problem for a while
  • 0:59:40 – Conclusion

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10 Things We'd Tell Our 18-Year-Old Selves