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Morning Routines (Ep. 208)

What did you do this morning?

In the productivity world, this question sounds a lot more compelling than usual due to the allure of the morning routine — the perfect formula to start a successful day.

Well, I can’t promise you a perfect formula. But I will say that having a morning routine has helped me become more focused, more disciplined, and happier.

If you can exert some control over the first parts of your day, you prove to yourself you have the power to do what you want later on.

If you start your day by distracting yourself on Instagram and showing up late to class with no breakfast, you give yourself evidence that you just aren’t a self-disciplined type of person.

Let’s start things off on the right foot, shall we?

Things mentioned in this episode:

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  • 0:05:58 – What we’re doing in the morning
  • 0:13:39 – How we work out and tips on exercising
  • 0:25:33 – Sponsor: Audible (Listening to audiobooks)
  • 0:28:18 – Other elements of our morning routines
  • 0:40:57 – Tips on starting a morning routine
  • 0:52:57 – Conclusion

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Morning Routines