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How to Be Good at Everything — The Rapid Skill Learning Process (Ep. 210)

So many skills, so little time.

According to the law of essentialism, we’ll reach our highest potential in a skill if we focus on just one. But what if that’s not what we want? After all, life isn’t necessarily about becoming the absolute best Pong player known to man.

For some of us, it might be more gratifying to reach a decent skill level in a handful of things. Or at least have a few weaker skills to amuse us when we take a break from the main one.

If that sounds more like your style, here’s how to jump start a new skill quickly — leaving you with more than enough time to try out several new skills by the end of the year.

What will you learn next?

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  • 0:10:33 – Overview of the skill learning process
  • 0:23:47 – Sponsor: Backblaze (Backing up your data)
  • 0:26:12 – Choosing and focusing on something that motivates you
  • 0:27:28 – Figuring out how good you want to be and deconstructing a skill
  • 0:33:07 – Gaining access to the necessary tools and eliminating barriers
  • 0:38:16 – Finding time to practice
  • 0:41:18 – Creating feedback loops
  • 0:44:31 – Practicing in short bursts instead of long periods of time
  • 0:47:31 – The need to practice a lot before mastering a skill
  • 0:49:20 – Additional tips to rapid skill acquisition
  • 0:52:00 – Conclusion

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How to Be Good at Everything — The Rapid Skill Learning Process