.Are my loved ones around me?

.When my loved one was dying were they ok: did they know I was there or not there and Whether I said goodbye?

Can I say goodbye properly now? Is the person ok in the Spirit world?

Things to remember when asking for a spirit reading.

During a reading Psychic Musaika will connect intuitively with your energy and that of Divine Spirit in order to give messages from the afterlife and bring you some insights into your life from the Akashic records and the higher dimensions. To connect your loved ones and those helpers in Spirit for guidance is an amazing opportunity for healing and may help you see true life’s pathway.I use the time during the reading to actively connect with Spirit and with your own Spirit Guides to bring you messages and guidance from the other side. However there is no guarantee that the people you are looking for may be present during a reading. Often they have moved on and do not want to connect with the Earthly World again.

Sometimes a Spirit doe wish to find forgiveness for an earthly experience they may have had with you, so in the session, We may have the opportunity to let this happen.

Your messages may be not what you always expect- so keep an open mind and do not be skeptical, dismissive, disappointed. Often they just want to say goodbye to you properly and apologize for leaving if they didn’t have a chance to say goodbye before they left, or if they left suddenly due to an accident or sudden illness. They may want to tidy up something for you, like let you know a minor earthly detail that will set your mind at rest after their death, because they can see it is bothering you and they don’t like to see that you are upset about it. They may sometimes just want to see if you are ok and not grieving too badly for them. They may leave you a gentle hug and kiss and tell you they are there standing right behind you and they are witnessing your grief and pain. They may choose to give you evidential details about there funeral or their actual passing or the circumstances surrounding their death or details of their Earthly life.But usually they just want to say “I am here” I love you”

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