Easy pregnancy spells


  Are you a woman who want to start your own family? However, due to unknown problems you cannot be able to conceive and sometime and sometimes, you get scared at the time f pregnancy and thinking about the baby? Fertility spell or pregnancy spells should be used for the above reasons so that you may have a safe pregnancy and without any problems or complications.

In addition, mixtures of herbs are available for fertility problems to be used prevent Miscarriages.

If you and your partner are trying to have your first baby, you should do everything in your power to increase your chances.Many find it easy to conceive but this is not always the case for all couples. in fact some try everything from undergoing expensive infertility treatments to adding fertility herbs to their diets. Most would never suspect that the answer to your problems could be had b casting a simple fertility spell during ovulation. Here are severe such incantations to aid you on your quest of becoming parents and welcoming your own child in your lives.

Before attempting any fertility spell, understand that the timing of your intercourse is still the most important factor to getting pregnant. To make proper use of any of these fertility spells, you should cast them for a period of five nights including the two days before your ovulation, the day of your ovulation and the two days following it as well. Complete each spell together as a couple and do so far five nights in a row. every evening you should follow the spell with a generous lovemaking session. There will be no baby without the birds and bees regardless of how many fertility spells you cast.

The Two Become One Fertility Spell

For this fertility spell, you will only need two candles, a litter or some matches and your significant other. Any color candle will do but what is often used is white which symbolizes the purity of your coming actions. With your partner, together naked in your bedroom. Turn off all the lights and lower the shades to ensure a very dark environment for the casting. Each take your white candle and hold it before you in your hands The husband should light his candle first then light his lover’s candle with his own. Stand facing each other and say this chant together tree times.

Sweet Goddess of Fertility,

Won’t you send a child to thee?One and one, we gather now.

Bless us with our child to plow.

After completing the chant, take the set of candles and place them together on your bedside, extinguish them and begin to make love. Repeat this fertility spell each night during the five nights centered around your ovulation. continue this process very month while you re trying to get pregnant. Only stop once you know for sure that you have a baby on the way. Each month you repeat this powerful spell the stronger the effect it can have.So don’t do this one or two nights and then complain to your partner that is not working.

The Three Candles Fertilities Spell

For this spell you will need three candles:one blue, one pink and one white. You will need to stock up since they are left burning. Again, you will cast this spell on each of the five days every month that are you most likely t become pregnant. Also strongly consider altering what you eat before undergoing this fertility remedy. I suggest you add citrus fruits like oranges or grapefruit to your diet. this is similar to taking folic acid and can help you get pregnant. The woman should always prepare her body to the accept the seed of her husband.

Starting several nights before your ovulation, gather with your lover and these three candles in your bedroom. Both of you should undress before beginning the ritual. When you are both ready to begin, the male should take the blue candle, light it and utter the following chant.

I come before you, merely a man.

I light this candle held in my hands.

Next, the female should take the pink candle, light it and say the next verse.

I come before you, merely a woman.

I shine this light upon my womb.

Next, both of you should take your candles and together as one light the single candle with them. This is the candle that represents your unborn child. As you do this action, recite the last verse in unison.

We pray to thee, Mother of all,

Gift us with our own small child.

Continue to let the three candles burn as you make love. the warmth bask around you as the candle provide their light to room. As your intercourse intensifies and your climaxed is reached, lean over and blow out the candles and go to sleep in each others arms. Repeat this process every night for the five nights during your most fertile time each month.













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